Klinik und Poliklinik für Neurologie

Past & Present Projects


Excitatory amino acids
Neurochemicalanatomy of the basal ganglia, expression and modulation of glutamat receptors, the role of excitatory neurotransmission for Parkinson's disease

MRI of degenerative AtaxiasDevelopmentof planimetric MRI tools to evaluate atrophy of specific CNS structures, clinical- morphologic-genetic correlations

Molecular mechanisms of  neuronal cell death
Apoptosis, autophagy and necrosis in-vivo - and in-vitro -modelsand in post-mortem human tissue of neurodegenerative disorders, intracellular cascades of apoptosis, pro- and anti-apoptotic genes and genetransfers in neuronal long-term survival

Glutathion and mitochondrial function
Subcellularglutathion metabolism and homoeostasis, free radicals andmitochondrial function, celluläre redox-mechanisms and neuronal cell death


Molecular mechanisms of Polyglutamin diseasesCell models of SCA2,3 and 7, analyses of differentially expressed genes after overexpression of ataxin-3 and proof in human tissue, characterization of transcriptional regulation, comparison of transcriptional changes in ataxin2,3, und 7, molecular modelling. Characterization of the physiological function of ataxin-3,ubiquitination, phosphorylation, Histon-(de-)acetylation, DNA-Methylation (Epigenetics).

Genetics of Parkinson's disease and MSAGenebank Parkinson Deutschland, assoziation studies and analyses of geneticvariants, transcriptional analyses of post mortem tissue and analyses of putative  susceptibility genes in Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy; investigation of the role of methylation in PD.

Dopaminergic system in autosomal dominantcerebellar ataxia (ADCA): Positronen-Emission-Tomography- (PET-)with [11C]d-threo-Methylphenidat  & MR spectroscopy (MRS) and spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) in neurodegenerative disorders

Development of novel radioligands, evaluation of the nicotinic 4)2(²2)3-nACh ligand A-85380.

Methionin- und Homozysteinmetabolism (with M. Linnebank)
Characterization of genticvariants of genes coding for homozystein-metabolizing enzymes for the risk towards PD and AD